Rapid Tooling

Optimized Tooling To Accelerate Manufacturing

Long gone are the days when tooling slowed down the production process. Rapid PSI is able to 3D print in days what used to take weeks or months. 3D printing shortens manufacturing lead times and has the ability to produce complex inspection jigs and holding fixtures that would otherwise be too costly.

Transform your supply chain by integrating 3D printed tooling into the manufacturing process and shorten development cycles. Layup and forming tools can be produced more affordably than ever, and the shorter turnaround allows for multiple iterations to keep up with product design cycles.

Different infill options also allow for large lightweight tooling to be manufactured without the added waste of material on the inside. Our large printers allow you to customize your design and add strength where needed – allowing your budget to go further.

We use only the most durable materials to build to your tooling application while maintaining tight
quality control. Our quality control department ensures all tools and fixtures are inspected to the 3D CAD model or to a provided print. Rapid PSI saves you both time and money with quick turnaround times and parts delivered on time.

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