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In The News: Aequus, LLC Successfully Develops a Hands-Free Buoyancy Control Device for Scuba Divers

Tuesday, November 4 2014 10:34 PM



"Since the most difficult part of scuba diving is controlling buoyancy, Aequus, LLC has developed a hands-free buoyancy control device to make it easier for beginner, intermediate, and professional scuba divers to master buoyancy controls."


"After initial reviews from equipment manufacturers, Harvey decided it was time to create a company, design for manufacturing, and take the product to market. That is when he teamed up with Davinci Systems and Rapid PSI out of Wichita, KS and formed Aequus LLC. With the help of 3D printing, the new company was able to do multiple revisions and streamline the product into a smaller, more reliable unit."

News Release Published and Distributed through PRWeb

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