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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EUP?

EUP stands for End Use Parts. EUP are parts used in production that come directly off a 3D printer. These types of parts are generally low volume (under 1,000) runs or used for complex geometries that cost too much to manufacture with traditional methods.


Can FDM parts be painted?

Yes! FDM parts are plastic parts and can be sanded, filled, and prepped to accept any type of paint.

Can you use 3D printing for tooling?

Absolutely. Polycarbonate through the FDM process is the most widely used material for tooling applications. This includes drill guides, trim jibs, fixtures, layup tools, vacuum forming tools, hand router fixtures, and hydro blocks. For higher heat needs, Ultem 9085 can be used.


Can inserts be used?
Yes they can. Threaded inserts can easily be installed into 3D printed parts. In some cases, the part can just be tapped or grown into the part.

As an engineer, what are the benefits of a prototype?
A prototype allows an engineer to have a solid part in their hand to test, fit and evaluate the design before spending thousands of dollars on hard tooling for high volume manufacturing.

If I’m in sales or marketing, why would I need a prototype?
Prototypes are a great tool to use to introduce your part to potential or existing customers. It allows the customer to see and touch you or your company’s idea. Prototypes are also great for an individual or company to take to numerous trade shows to get feedback as well as generate interest in your part.


Do 3D prints come in different colors?
Some materials do have different colors available. ABS-M30 has the widest range with the options of: Black, Ivory, White, Blue, Gray, and Red.


How quick can I get my 3D printed part?
Geometry drives time. Some models only take a few minutes to print, other can take a few days. The best way to find out how fast you can get a print in hand is to submit a file.






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