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Consumer - 3D Printing

All consumer products start as a design somewhere and are often prototyped. 3D printing can play a huge role in prototyping those designs - turning them into actual products ready for market. 3D printing allows engineers to test fit, form, and funtion at a low cost.


It also allows them the work closely with marketing professionals to validate whether a product will sell and sometimes order low volume production runs before investing in costly high-volume tooling.


Rapid PSI 3D printing provides product designers custom-made, lighter-weight parts from a variety of high-strength materials quickly, easily and affordably. Contact us today to learn how our 3D printing services can help your product launch succeed.


  • Fast, accurate prototypes
  • Large build envelopes
  • Variety of colors and material properties available
  • Low volume manufacturing possible
  • Part geometry and property validation


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