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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing for Production

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of using production 3D Printers to achieve end use production parts with no tooling. The AM side of Rapid PSI's business is much different than the prototype side. AM production parts are controlled more than the basic prototype. This means there are controls, traceability, validation in place to ensure a repeatable product goes out the door.



Controls are the processes around AM. This is all the procedures that are in place to instruct Rapid PSI in the manufacturing process. Examples are: How to orientate parts, how many tensile bars in each build, inspection procedures, and the proper way to operate a printer. Most controls are set forth in Process Control Documents (PCD) or a Manufacturing Specification. There are three types of specifications Rapid PSI builds to:


  1. Build to your in-house process spec: Rapid PSI conforms to your spec and qualifies machines accordingly
  2. Third party specification: You are a Tier 1 supplier and we build to the OEM spec
  3. Rapid PSI's internal specification: If you do not have a process spec we build to ours to insure controls are in place for the production runs. This is helpful to use if you do not have your own internal spec, but want to build production parts with confidence.



All product that goes out the door under the Additive Manufacturing process can be tracked back to the raw material lot, files used, revision, operator, build parameters, dates of production, and particular 3D Printer used.



Part and part properties are continually validated throughout the AM process. This includes burn testing the material before production for FST rated materials, validating model data, confirming purchase order pricing and quantities, First Article Inspection Reports, and continual process inspection.


Additive Manufacturing through Rapid PSI can help take your company to the next level. The printing process allows you to combine assemblies that can be built as one unit, reduce the amount of paperwork, and allow for quick revisions without new tooling. If you would like to learn more or get a quote, contact us today at 316-265-2001 or at If you already have files to submit, click here Rapid Quote.

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