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What if my design is not on a CAD file?

That’s ok. Rapid PSI can take a drawing on the back of a napkin and turn it into a solid part. We can work with you at any stage in your idea/design process.

Can tools be made off of an existing part that I have?

Yes. Rapid PSI can reproduce anything you have with the use of RTV silicone tooling. Within 7-10 days from startup you can have parts at your doorstep.

Can inserts be used?

Yes they can. Rapid PSI can install threaded inserts in SLA prototypes as well as our urethane parts.

As an engineer, what are the benefits of a prototype?

A prototype allows an engineer to have a solid part in their hand to test, fit and evaluate the design before going to hard or soft tooling.

If I’m in sales or marketing, why would I need a prototype?

Prototypes are a great tool to use to introduce your part to potential or existing customers. It allows the customer to see and touch your or your company’s idea. Prototypes are also great for an individual or company to take to numerous trade shows to get feedback as well as generate interest in your part.

What are the cost benefits of:



Evaluating your ideas in a 3D model to check fit, form and function help you find potential problems up front. Thus eliminating changes in your already expensive tooling costs.

RTV Tooling?

The cost difference between soft tooling and hard tooling is not just in the tens of thousands but also hundreds of thousands in many cases. Soft tooling also saves time with a much quicker turnaround. It also gives you the benefit of design changes without the expensive price tag that you would have in changing a hard tool.

Can you produce textured parts?

Yes. We can texture a master part before we make the tool. The silicone in turn replicates that exact texture on every part poured.

Can I have urethane parts in different colors?

Yes. We can match any color you desire. Just send us a color sample or provide us with a pantone color #.

How quick can I get my stereolithography (SLA) part?

After a file is sent you can have your part in 1-3 days. Depending upon your desired finish level.

Can my parts be plated?

Yes. Both the SLA and the urethane parts can be plated. It can be plated in a variety of ways. Such as gold, chrome and wood grain to name a few.

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