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RapidPSI builds your business through experienced, effective rapid prototype design/development and efficient short run production. RapidPSI is ISO 9001:2008/AS9100 Certified, further ensuring that the highest standards of quality control are continuously met on all your prototype development, design engineering and short run production. RapidPSI takes your ideas and product solutions into the market faster, more efficiently and more effectively than any supplier.

From its very beginning in 1998, RapidPSI has been recognized by many as the "value added supplier" of prototype suppliers and short run production specialist in Kansas. By applying our seasoned, consulting expertise to clients’ initial prototype design, design engineering, short-run production, ongoing manufacturing and "on shelf inventory programs" - For the client, RapidPSI saves time & money. Further, when you outsource your prototype development and short run production to RapidPSI, you decrease internal costs and gain great competitive advantage by redirecting your own internal talent to other business building programs. Please read through our web site, and then contact RapidPSI so we can help you start building your business today.

Redefine Manufacturing™